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on May 17, 2013

varias agosto 5 043varias agosto 5 047varias agosto 5 044Everyone looks forward for Spring to arrive

many only for the flowers and the warmth.

But what if the flowers come but not he warmth,then we are in trouble,that happned last year 2012.

Not this year !Thank God ,we are getting lots of sun with intermittent rainy days.

Everything is green now, trees and bushes and some thumbs too!

My husband as usual planted many flowers for me to look at when I come home oh, am I spoiled or what…………….

,I think I deserve it(although it may sound too proud………..

I am a woman after all !and all women deserve Flowers

I have the sensitivity to appreciate the flowers and my husbands gesture(he really enjoys planting to. He is green thumb and this is the  season…………

Roses,lilacs ,carnations tulips and more………….is the variety of colors that do the trick.

But when I look at Tulips in fucsia and dark red and pinks I can’t only be mesmerized by their beauty What a beautiful creation oh GOD you have made for us!


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