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Teatro Latino/Latin Theater these days

on October 4, 2012

Hi Remember this is just my personal opinion

, my point of view from my  desk where I think and write……………….

looking through my window  at the beautiful view of Green trees(Fall is not here yet) by the ravine.

I almost feel I should buy an old fashion typewriter to feel more like a real writer (it brings some nostalgia home) , and toss from time to time my papers that didn’t go right..rather than clicking on the blank,erase buton is not that romantic……….

Anyways here is my thoughts

Teatro Latino Theater

I don’t see it published  it doesn’t pop on my face

It is not in front of me

It is not promoted ?

unless :

You are looking for it and paying attention,then you will see it !

Teatro these days is happening at stablished places in Vancouver Only/mainly!

what about the Suburbs? Coquitlam New West.

Well we see the Cultural centers offering some or  few shows and  there is Our Spot waiting for us!

Teatro Latino/ Latin Theater ,is bulding connections and preparing

when I talk to people they can’t wait to see us on Stage!

We are on the works you wont be disappointed!


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