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Latinos and the World of Invisible Disabilities

on October 4, 2012

One day you are planning your trip another you are a resident in Canada in my case in BC.

You travel ,you study ,you work , have a family , you are happy , content and another ; your life shifts directions like a balloon loosing air out of control just off!!!

It can happen to anyone even you!

Yes you.

And if not today,  it could tomorrow(days,weeks,months,years) and if not your child ,may be a grandchild and if not a relative it could be a friend or neighbour,it didn’t end , is out there !

Many don’t talk about it ,denial doesn’t fix it ,It can happen.

we are just human ,vulnerable….Lets not forget that

when you are comfortable and even when you did things right,Looking for guilty ones (not productive)

A disability can visit any home….is an unwelcome visitor I better call it an intruder,  disrupting,  changing  ,affecting lifes …Our lifes and Dreams ,hopes.and by that I dont mean mental obstacles that we create for ourselves I’m talking a tangible reality that is jut Poom! brought in front of you dropped right there at you feet and hands to deal with!

I see many parents struggles with their “typical “kids and their behaviour and I see many parents criticising other’s parental skills ,at the end of the day what matters is that you are doing something about

Latino families are not different and we add to that Our ways and how preconceived ideas of Disabilities can affect how we function and deal with it lowering our chances to deal successfully with it and causing more estress.

I can reassure you that there is Resources in this country and in you and that you will help you through and you will be Ok!

Children that suffer a disability (YES because it  is suffering: have some compassion but do not pity us ,we are strong and brave!I am very proud of it)

Dis-ability have great abilities in other areas to compensate?

like being authentic,honest open caring intelligent great memory ans skills that you a nd me would never even dream to have!

I admire people with disabilities and their families! Not only KUDOS but also a BOW

for all they have to endure day by day to just have a bit of a “Normal ” Life

Lets show more tolerance,  acceptance ,even support ,


we all belong in this earth some of us just need a push.

Our children ALL desrve we put a big fight for them and win

They deserve to be

Happy productive Citizens and Contribute to Canadian Society and the World!



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